About Us


H.O.P.E is the clothing brand of Helping Other People Elevate LLC. This brand was created to inspire and motivate through positive affirmation and imagery.  


 Meet the Designer

Hi, I'm Ali Sloan.  After spending some years being in the street, homeless, and eventually turning to alcohol, I knew I had to make a change. I went to a rehab center and got the help that I needed. I had a new purpose in life. I knew that I needed to share my journey to inspire and empower other people, but I didn't know how? I want to let people know that it doesn't matter how dark and hard life gets, or how far you fall down.... you have to have faith and you have to have hope in order to get back up. I wanted to live out my dreams, that's when I created Helping Other People Elevate LLC because I have always been inspired by fashion, streetwear, and street styles. I was ready to create a brand and design my own clothes. At H.O.P.E, I design what I feel, and feel what I design. It’s a combination that keeps things lively.


Trendy Tradition

I love fashion. I also love to help people, so I wanted to create a brand and clothes that live longer than a single season. After all, if you’ve found an item that you really love, don’t you want to wear it longer than a single season? I wanted to build a brand that sells clothes that are more than just trendy. I want you to know that Helping Other People Elevate is a statement, it's a action that can go along way to change a culture. A percentage of the profits made will be donated to a non profit community center that helps families. Whatever you buy here, you'll be able to enjoy for years to come knowing, you made a difference!